13 1 / 2012

So, I know fruitcake season is technically over but this cake changed my life. I never consciously thought I was a fruitcake lover until I saw a fruitcake I couldn’t eat during Thanksgiving… so I vowed to find/make the best GF fruitcake for Christmas. And with thanks to Wholefoods, I did! Moist, sweet, and vegan due to some alterations I made.

Recipe below…

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07 1 / 2012

After a nice trip to the gym my boy & I celebrated our 3 month anniversary (yes, we’re sentimental, get over it!) with a delicious brunch! Thanks to Wheat Free Meat Free, I found a great recipe for fried sweet plantains (with a dash of stevia+cinnamon… mmm) and a south western omelette, which we subbed out whole eggs for eggs whites. The mix of the spicy chipotle peppers with the sweet plantains was perfect.

Find the recipe here.

04 1 / 2012

This Christmas my Mom was nice enough to set aside some ingredients so I could make myself my own batch of Swedish Meatballs utilizing her recipe but gluten-free. They came out very delicious. I skipped out on any gravy since it uses flour and I didn’t have any of my GF flour with me.

The recipe is as follows:

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03 1 / 2012